Meet our 2020 MnACC Scholarship recipients 



Maryann Barrientos-Diaz

 Class of 2020

 Attending University of Minnesota-Twin Cities

 Presidential Award Awarded: $2500


                          My name is Maryann Barrientos-Diaz. I will be attending the University of Minnesota and planning to major in Biology. My goals are to become a well- rounded, educated person and use my newly learned skills to make a difference in the world. Be a part of the change that’s upon us right now. Black Lives Matter.






Vincent Cao

Class of 2020 

Attending University of Minnesota Twin Cities

MnACC Scholarship Awarded: $1000


Hello! My name is Vincent Cao and I am a second-generation immigrant. I will be attending the College of Science & Engineering at the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities this upcoming school year. I always strive to be an empathetic and hardworking person that people can always turn to for help. At a young age, I was able to start volunteering at a local food bank, which developed into one of my greatest passions during high school.

At the University of Minnesota, I plan on joining the multiple volunteering student organizations offered while majoring in mechanical engineering. My favorite subjects in school have always been math and science, and I am determined to use these interests and passion towards making a positive difference. 







Class of 2020 

Attending Saint Catherine's University

MnACC Scholarship Awarded: $1000


My name is Houshee and I am a first-generation college student. In a family of eight, I feel fortunate to be the fifth child my parents will be sending to college this fall. My passion to help others inspire me to pursue a career in nursing at Saint Catherine's University. I want to impact my community and the broader community of the healthcare field. I know with my grit and enthusiasm, I can make a change. 




Jesus Cazares-Reyes

Class of 2020

Attending University of Minnesota-Twin Cities

MnACC Scholarship Awarded $1000


Hi! My name is Jesus Cazares-Reyes and I am 17 years old; I will be attending the University of Minnesota Twin Cities as a Biology, Society, and Environment major at the College of Liberal Arts. After college, I hope to either go to Med school or Physician Assistant school and focus on dermatology. I am from a small town in Southwest rural Minnesota called Windom, the population is under 6,000. I am a first-generation student and am a child of Latino immigrants, my father being Mexican, and my mother Nicaraguan. I am super excited to be able to attend college and hope my freshmen year goes smoothly!









Natalie Yang

Class of 2020 

Attending University of Minnesota-Twin Cities 

MnACC Scholarship Awarded: $1000



My name is Natalie Yang. I am Hmong American and love being creative through art and music! I will be attending the University of Minnesota Twin Cities and majoring in Communication Studies. I strive towards gaining a career as an individual who works with others, while also implementing my creative aptitude into my work. I'm currently in my time of exploration in deciding what I would like to do, however, with the support of my advisors and support system around me, I'm confident that I can succeed in whatever field of work I choose.

Thank you for the opportunity of receiving this scholarship to pursue my secondary education. 






Abdirahman Y. Mohamed

Class of 2020

Attending University of Minnesota-Twin Cities

MnACC Scholarship Awarded: $1000


Hey MnACC,

Thank you so much for this opportunity! I'll promise you, I won't squander it. The MnACC member post-secondary institution I'll be attending this fall is the University of Minnesota -- Twin Cities. I am Abdirahman Y. Mohamed. My goal in life is to be successful as it should be for everybody; I don't know what shape or form that success will take on, but what I do know is that I am prepared. Right now, my short term goal is to go to the U of MN and find what I want to do.





Ana Dolny

Class of 2020 from Washburn High School

Attending University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire

MnACC Scholarship Awarded: $500


My name is Ana Dolny and I graduated from Washburn High School in Minneapolis, MN. I was involved in many activities, in and out of school.

I played saxophone in my school jazz band, played oboe in the wind ensemble, played both instruments in the pit orchestra for school plays, and was the captain of the badminton team. I also was a member of the Minnesota Youth Jazz Band and was an active dance performer with the Chinese American Association of MN.

This fall, I will be attending the University of Wisconsin Eau Claire and will double major in music and another undecided subject. As of now, I am unsure of what my future career path will be but wherever I go, I hope to make the world a better place for all people of different races, ethnicities, sexual orientations, religious beliefs, disabilities, and backgrounds.





Pa Hlee

Class of 2020 from Johnson Senior High School

Attending Winona State University

MnACC Scholarship Awarded: $500


Hello! My name is Pa Hlee Thao. I graduated from Johnson Senior High School in Saint Paul. I will be attending Winona State University and I am planning to major in Biochemistry.

My senior project this year was donating dental kits to a small village and a small school in Laos. My ideal career is a dentist and in the future, I plan to travel to third world countries to educate the importance of oral healthcare. 

Robale Teshome

Class of 2020 from Chaska High School

Attending University of Minnesota

MnACC Scholarship Awarded: $500


Hi, I'm Robale Teshome. I was born in Ethiopia and immigrated to the US with my family at the age of six. I graduated from Chaska High School and will be attending the University of Minnesota to pursue a degree in computer science. Computer science is an indispensable part of our interconnected world that I aspire to be a positive influence on. 

Hanifa Kondor

Class of 2020 from Anoka High School

Attending Augsburg University

MnACC Scholarship Awarded: $500


Hi, My name is Hanifa Kondor I am 18 years old and I attended Anoka High School.

This fall, of 2020 I will be attending Augsburg University with a Major in Sociology and a minor in International Relations. I am going to pursue a career in either family or corporate law. A few of my goals are to get my Bachelors’ degree, finish law school, and get my Juris Doctor degree and start a family.


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