Meet our 2019 MnACC Scholarship recipients 


 Alexa Carrera

 Class of 2019 from South High School

 Attending Augsburg University

 MnACC Scholarship Awarded: $2500


My name is Alexa Carrera and I will be attending Augsburg University as the class of 2023. I was born in Minnesota but at the age of five, due to my mom's deportation, my family and I moved to Guatemala where I lived for seven years. Five years ago, I came back to Minnesota to continue pursuing my educational goals. 

At Augsburg University, I will be majoring in Biology and minoring in Forensic Science. Today, I am determined to contribute to America’s criminal justice system, helping free the innocent and putting the guilty behind bars by becoming a forensic biologist. I hope to one day work in a forensic crime lab and apply my scientific knowledge to forensic evidence to help crime scene investigators solve crimes.  






Sundus Hussein

Class of 2019 from Burnsville High School

Attending University of Minnesota Twin Cities

MnACC Scholarship Awarded: $1000


Hello! My name is Sundus Hussein and I am a first-generation Somali student. I am a hardworking, dedicated, driven, creative woman and I have ambitions of making the world a much better place one day. I have an interest for the sciences (particularly anatomy and the human body), the arts, languages and a lot of other things. I have a passion for volunteering, making art, and learning more about the world around me. I will be attending the College of Biological Sciences at the University of Minnesota Twin Cities this upcoming fall as the incoming class of 2023. I hope to major in biochemistry and minor in Spanish and global studies, and I plan on becoming an ophthalmologist. Thank you for this opportunity!






Ridwan Duale

Class of 2019 from Irondale High School

Attending University of Minnesota Twin Cities

MnACC Scholarship Awarded: $1000


My name is Ridwan Duale and I am a first-generation student heading to the University of Minnesota Twin Cities this upcoming fall. Ever since I was a child, I dreamed of becoming a doctor to help my community in Minnesota as well as third-world countries such as Somalia. In my free time, I love being a part of boards and volunteering at organizations that raise awareness of humanitarian issues and discrimination. Other things, I enjoy playing soccer, hanging out with my family and friends, and photography.








Ashantiana Ramirez

Class of 2019 from Roseville Area High School

Attending Century College

MnACC Scholarship Awarded $500


Hi my name is Ashantiana Ramirez. I plan on attending Century College to get my generals. After that I plan to transfer over to either University of Minnesota-Duluth or University of North Dakota to major in Chemical Engineering and a minor in Business. I am an only child, I love any kind of music but country music is one of my favorites, I have a puppy named Mylo plus two cats named Dumbledor and Laylay, my favorite color is yellow, and for my future career I want to own my own makeup production company focused towards people of color.









Ahleah Harris

Class of 2019 from Central High School

Attending St. Paul College 

MnACC Scholarship Awarded: $500


Hi my name is Ahleah Harris. I’ve always lived in Saint Paul, Minnesota and never was one to travel. I am the middle child of two sisters. Even though I was the middle child, I was never ignored as most would think. I didn’t have the chance to financially support my family throughout high school and I tried to be the one for moral support. So even though I had a chance to be a kid, there sure was a lot of problems from everyone I had to help out with. Painting, music, and puzzles took up a lot of my time whenever I had free time. They really were relaxing tools when it came to stress and getting away from drama.

I attended Central High and graduated this year. Oddly, I never would say I had enough time to study, but I didn’t do poorly in school. I had and have great friends whose motivated me throughout those years. They helped push me to be a part of clubs such as Fresh Force and Student Council. Throughout school, I discovered more of myself and who I could see myself as. I am a very shy, quiet, worried person. But going through all the obstacles of high school, I realized I can’t just focus on the problems and look on the better side of me who is a friendly, funny, and a role model.

The future holds a lot for me. Starting my road to success this fall as a respiratory therapist major. Once I reach that road I will continue peddling until my dream is reached when I finally have that college degree in my hands.






Momoko Dway

Class of 2019 from Washington Technology Magnet School

Attending Metropolitan State University

MnACC Scholarship Awarded: $500


My name is Momoko Dway. I graduated from Washington Technology Magnet school. I was involved in many programs such as Trio Upward Bound, WEB leadership (where everyone belongs) and Student council. I volunteered around my community at Hosanna Karen Baptist church, Salvation Army, and feed my starving children. My hobbies are photography, listening to music and playing volleyball. I am very passionate about helping people and educating them about health care. I will be attending Metropolitan State University in the fall of 2019 and my intended major is nursing.





Rose Lee

Class of 2019 from Robbinsdale Armstrong High School

Attending University of Minnesota Twin Cities

MnACC Scholarship Awarded: $500


Hi, my name is Rose, and I am a high school graduate from Robbinsdale Armstrong High School. I was one of seven recipients of this amazing scholarship provided by the Minnesota Association of Counselors of Color, and I am very thankful. With this scholarship, I will be heading to the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities starting this fall 2019. Although nothing is yet set in stone, I am leaning towards majoring in Political Science.






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