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Site Coordinator INFORmation


StriveScan hosts trainings with the fair coordinators prior to the event to discuss best practices for pre-registration and on-site registration. StriveScan also provides fair coordinators with handouts to distribute to attendees. Many high schools communicate the importance of registration in their fair marketing and communications to families.


Since students register right on their phones and are instantly texted and emailed a barcode, "pre-registration" is not required. Students can simply walk into the fair, take a moment to fill out the registration form, and get scanning. No computers, printers, or advance preparation is required. If you have any questions, please reach out to programming@mnacc.org.



    • I have contacted our school administrator and other pertinent staff to obtain their permission & support for holding the event for students.
    • I have either bulk registered students for the fair, or have added reminders to the announcements, etc to encourage students to register prior to the fair.
    • I have completed the College fair site chair contract and have provided parking instructions.
    • I communicated my preference for giveaways to a Programming Chair 3 weeks prior to the fair.
    • Teachers have prepared their students before coming to the fair by helping them know the purpose, what to do & how to fully participate.
    • Students have been notified of the MnACC fair at least 2 weeks in advance via Naviance, school email, or other means.
    • Signs advertising the MnACC fair are clearly posted in multiple locations.
    • I have contacted parents, family, and/or other community persons who may impact the students’ higher educational decision to come & attend the fair with their student or on their own.


    • In case of weather/other delays or cancellations, I will contact the program committee at programming@mnacc.org.
    • The fair is in a well-lit area.
    • Signs directing admissions counselors to the fair location (gym, cafeteria, etc.) are clearly posted, or individuals are helping direct.
    • A school administration or representative of administration needs to be readily available with keys and security access to areas such as: restrooms, elevators, or other areas.
    • The requested number of tables and chairs have been provided.
    • School Administrators & Teachers are actively helping students find colleges that meet the needs and educational ability of their students and fully participate in making the fair a successful event for students.


    • I contacted the participating administrators & teachers for their feedback.
    • To request reimbursement for refreshments, I completed the required Reimbursement Form (pdf) & email it to treasurer@mnacc.org along with scanned receipts.
    • I completed the MnACC Survey and give feedback to the organization about the success of the fairs & the outcomes.

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